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Malta Blue Book 1850

​Chapter 1:​ ​​Taxes, Duties, Fees
​Chapter 2: Fees
​Chapter 3: ​Net Revenue and Expenditure
​Chapter 4: ​Comparative Yearly Statements of Revenue and Expenditure
​Chapter 5: ​Local Revenues
​Chapter 6: ​Military Expenditure
Chapter 7:​ ​Public Works
​Chapter 8: ​Legislation
​Chapter 9: ​Councils and Assemblies
​Chapter 10: Civil Establishment
​Chapter 11: Security for Discharge of Duties​
​Chapter 12: ​Pensions
​Chapter 13: Recapitulation of the Establishment​​
​Chapter 14: Foreign Consuls
​​Chapter 15: Population​
​Chapter 16: Ecclesiastical Return​
​Chapter 17: Education​
​Chapter 18: Exchanges, Monies, Weights and Measures​
​Chapter 19: Imports and Exports​
​Chapter 20: ​Agriculture
​Chapter 21: Manufacture, Mines and Fisheries
​Chapter 22: Grants of Land
​Chapter 23: ​Gaols and Prisoners
​Chapter 24: Return of ​Houses Held Rent Free