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Contact List

    ​  ​last updated 01 February 2022
​​ Designation Contact Person Tel Email​
  ​​Director General 
​​​ Director General ​CARUANA Etienne 25997125
​Office of the Director General ​Head of Unit ​VELLA Catherine ​25997204
International Affairs and Sustainable Development Head of Unit​ CORDINA Alan ​25997202​
Legal Office Head of Unit​ Dr. MELI Sarah Jane ​25997104​​

Corporate Services Directorate
​Director ​​BRINCAT Duncan ​​25997589​
​Human Resources and Staff Development ​Head of Unit ​BEZZINA Eusebio ​25997843 ​
Procurement, Support and Resources
​Head of Unit
​Health and Safety and Administrative Support Management ​Head of Unit ​FARRUGIA Antoine ​25997841 ​​​
​Communication and Dissemination ​Head of Unit​ ​FRIGGIERI CORDINA Lara ​25997210 ​​

​Economic Statistics Directorate​
​Director​ BORG Keith 25997230

National Accounts​ 

​     Methods, Standards and Sector Accounts ​Head of Unit ​DIMECH Vanessa ​25997254​​
     Production ​Head of Unit ​TANGUY Antoine ​25997248​​
​Public Finance ​Head of Unit ​GALEA Mark ​25997240
​Balance of Payments ​Head of Unit ​Vacant ​25997260
​International Trade in Goods ​Head of Unit ​GALEA Joseph ​25997164​

Price Statistics
​Head of Unit MAGRIN Denise​

Business, Sectoral and Regional​ Statistics Directorate

​Director ​TABONE Manuel​ ​25997505 ​
​Structural Business Statistics ​Head of Unit ​SACCO Brandon ​25997342
​Business Register, Research and Innovation ​​Head of Unit ​MICALLEF Christianne ​25997353 ​
​Short-term Business Statistics ​​Head of Unit ​SACCO Sam
​25997321 ​stbs​
​Environment, Agriculture and Fisheries ​​Head of Unit ​TANTI Ronald ​25997333 ​
​Regional, Geospatial, Energy and Transport  ​​Head of Unit ​GRECH Marice​ ​25997703 ​

​​Social Statistics Directorate
​Director ZERAFA Matthew ​25997642​
Living Conditions and Tourism  ​Head of Unit GALEA J​osianne ​25997527
​​Labour Market and Information Society  ​​Head of Unit ​MAGRO CUSCHIERI Joslyn ​25997662
Population and  Migration
Head of Unit
​GAUCI Dorothy​
​Crime Statistics ​Head of Unit ​YOUNG Alexia ​25997853 ​​
​Education and Culture​ ​Head of Unit BORG Elaine G. ​25997529​​

Data Resources, IT and Methodology ​Directorate  
​Director ZAMMIT Silvan 25997338
​​Information Technology ​Head of Unit ​SALOMONE Ivan ​25997803
Information Security ​Head of Unit TONNA Mark 25997358
​Methodology and Quality ​Head of Unit​ ​​​PACE Anne Marie​ ​25997309​​
​​Data Management ​Head of Unit ​BONELLO Mark Anthony ​25997370​


 Contact Information:

Communication and Dissemination 
2599 7219