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Regional Statistics MALTA 2021 Edition

01 Demography

… regional structure of demographic aspects.

… population size and structure, births, deaths and marriages.

… socio-economic characteristics of households.

… social protection beneficiaries for a selection of benefits.

 02 Education

… regional perspective to non-compulsory and compulsory education statistics.

… non-compulsory education comprising pre- and post-compulsory.

… compulsory schooling between the ages of 5 and 16 years.

… state, independent and church institutions.

 03 Labour Market

… regional employment by industry NACE A*10/11 by place of residence and work.

… full-time employment by private and public sectors.

… private sector employment split by self-employed and employees.

… average annual basic salary and unemployment at district level.

 04 Economy

… regional macroeconomic activity and growth by industry NACE A*10/11.

… Gross Value Added (GVA) at basic prices based on the production approach.

… Gross Domestic Product (GDP) at market prices.

… economic activity in terms of respective GDP per capita.

 05 Transport

… regional land and sea transport statistics.

… rate of motorization, stock of licensed vehicles, road traffic accidents and contraventions.

… fishing vessels and licences.

… passenger and vehicle movements aboard trips operated by Gozo Channel Co. Ltd.

 06 Tourism

… regional tourism statistics based on supply and demand side surveys.

… performance of collective accommodation establishments.

… tourism demand comprising domestic and inbound tourism.

… main characteristics of cruise passengers.

 07 Agriculture and Fisheries

… regional statistics on farming and fishing.

… sale of vegetables and fruits produced, by volume and wholesale value.

… amount and distribution of livestock heads and farms by type.

… volume and value of official fish landings by species.

 08 Resources

… regional statistics on water, waste and renewable energy harvesting.

… production and consumption of water based on Water Services Corporation data.

… waste collections from municipal, bring-in and civic amenity sites.

… photovoltaics (PV) installations, peak power rating in kWp and energy harvesting in GWh.

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 Regional Statistics Malta​ 
 2021 Edition​
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