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Continuing Vocational Training Survey 2015

The Continuing Vocational Training Survey (CVTS), is conducted every five years as per EU regulation amongst enterprises with 10 or more employees and selected NACE Rev. 2 activities ...


... Enterprises providing some form of Continuous Vocational Training (CVT) during 2015 amounted to a total of 1,187 enterprises (61.6%), while the remainig 739 enterprises (38.4%) did not provide any form of training to their employees.

... Nearly two-thirds of all small size enterprises (i.e. having 10-49 employees) did not provide CVT courses.

… A total of 38,998 (35.8 per cent) employees underwent at least one CVT course during the reference year.

… Around 1.5 million paid working hours were spent on CVT courses (amounting to 0.8 per cent of the total paid working hours), of which the majority (56.5 per cent) were allocated to Internal CVT courses.

… On average, enterprises which provided CVT courses for their employees directly spent €636 per participant. On the other hand, the average personal absence cost (i.e. the indirect cost of sending employees to training) amongst all CVT participants who was borne by the enterprises, stood at €522 per participant. This amounts to a total average cost (direct and indirect) of €1,158 per participant.

... Of the 739 enterprises which did not provide CVT courses or any other form of courses, 565 enterprises (76.5 per cent) revealed that the primary reason for not doing so was that the existing qualifications, skills and competences were in line with the current needs of the enterprise.

...Enterprises providing some form of Initial ​Vocational Training (IVT), such as apprenticeship, numbered 311 enterprises (16.1 per cent).​

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