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Shift Employment in Malta 2015

In 2015:​

  • ... almost one out of every five employees was engaged in shift employment.
  • ... more than two shift workers out of every three were male.
  • ... more than half of the shift workers were engaged in the public administration, defence, education, human health and social work activities (35.2 per cent) and the wholesale and retail trade, transportation and storage, accommodation and food service activities (29.3 per cent).
  • ... almost 30 per cent of shift workers were involved in the service and sales, with 25.9 per cent of all male shift workers and 36.8 per cent of their female counterparts.
  • ... the majority of shift workers were permanently employed on a full-time basis.
  • ... the average hours worked by shift workers amount to 42.5 hours per week for full-timers and 24.4 hours per week for part-timers.
  • ... shift workers were more willing to work additional hours (14.2 per cent) when compared to non-shift workers (10.4 per cent).
  • ... males were more likely to work atypical hours (work carried out during weekends or weekdays between 8pm and 5am) than females.
  • ... malta recorded the second highest share of persons working at night in the EU (mainly due to the country’s large share of employment in the health sector).​
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