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Clarification to The Times

CLARIFICATION TO ARTICLE PUBLISHED ON THE TIMES ON SATURDAY 18 MARCH 2017 entitled "enemalta paying dearly for power from china"​​ 

Reference is made to the article entitled ‘Enemalta paying dearly for power from China’ published by the Times of Malta on Saturday 18th March 2017. This article states that ‘NSO statistics show that during 2015, Enemalta was provided with 392,000 MWh of energy from the BWSC plant…’.

The National Statistics Office (NSO) would like to clarify that it never published such figure in its news releases.  The NSO publishes the total electricity generation from the power plants and the interconnector  however, no information is given with regards individual power plants because it falls within NSO’s confidential criteria.

Ronald​ Tanti
Head of Unit, NSO
Environment, Energy, Transport and Agriculture Statistics.