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 Contact Information:

Ms Anne Marie Pace​
Head of Unit​
2599 7301

Sources and Methods

The central task of the Methodology and Research unit is to assist other units within the NSO on areas related to methodology and quality.  This work normally includes the provision and assessment of samples; validation of survey data and questionnaires; anonymisation of survey data; and employment of metadata models.  The unit was additionally involved in the compilation and verification of process-related metadata in GSBPM form.  A thorough evaluation of the statistical business process documentation (with particular focus on processes related to methodological soundness) permits the unit to outline action plans that focus on various methodological aspects and assess the adequacy of current practices.  These include the re-engineering of statistical work processes in terms of methodologies. 

In line with the NSO’s commitment to quality, the unit has initiated work to develop a Quality Management Framework (QMF) as a tool for bringing quality at output and process levels as well as to streamline the administrative data used by domain units in their work.

In relation to improving the use of administrative data sources, the unit is concerned with quality and metadata aspects, identification of unique identifiers, discovery of new sources that can be potentially integrated into the statistical production system, and reviewing/setting-up of cooperation agreements.  The internal quality checklist carried out by the unit facilitates the initial identification of a stock of quality issues that need to be addressed.

Direct access to questionnaires is also provided while more detailed meta-information may be accessed here.

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