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Structural Business Statistics

The Unit compiles Structural Business statistics (SBS), Foreign Affiliate Statistics (FATS) and Global Value Chain Statistics (GVC).

Structural Business Statistics provide the structure and evolution of the activities of businesses, the factors of production used and other elements allowing business activity, competitiveness and performance. The data is annual and is based on the NACE Rev. 2 classification of the economic activities. SBS is limited to the activities on the economic territory including branches of foreign legal units active on the national territory for the compilation of Inward FATS Statistics.

Foreign Affiliates Statistics was created based on the growing demand for data based on globalisation and outsourcing. Businesses expanded their economic activities aiming at reducing costs of production and increasing productivity. Inward Foreign Affiliates Statistics (IFATS) describe the activities of foreign controlled affiliates resident in the compiling country compiled in the framework and on the basis of results of the SBS. Outward statistics on foreign affiliates (OFATS) provide data on the activities of foreign affiliates abroad controlled by an institutional unit resident in the compiling country. It is carried out as a stand-alone survey on an annual basis.

The growing competitive nature of some industries around the world has compelled enterprises to expand their links abroad and subsequently increase their ability to shift and spread their production process across different regions around the globe. By capitalising on business strategies aimed at decentralising tasks across different countries, enterprises may opt for this approach rather than investing directly abroad to benefit from economies of scale and attain a competitive edge. Global Value Chains and International Sourcing statistics aim to measure some aspects of this important contemporary phenomenon which is directly linked to Globalisation. Such indicators include the relocation of jobs across countries and the motivations and barriers to source internationally. The Global Value Chains and International Sourcing survey is a triannual survey. Data is collected through a census survey for enterprises employing 50 employees or more belonging to NACE Rev. 2 Sections B to N (business economy).​


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