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Business Registers

The main areas covered by the Business Register Unit are:

- Business Register (BR) The Business Register serves as the main population for statistical business surveys. Main variables for each enterprise available in the BR are the economic activity (classified by NACE class), turnover, employment and enterprise groups detail. The Business Demography, including enterprise births and deaths is compiled using Business Register data.

- Research and Development (R&D) The Business R&D data is collected yearly by means of a postal survey to all know active R&D enterprises. The main attributes collected in this survey is the intramural R&D expenditure and personnel involved in R&D.

- Innovation The Business Innovation Survey is carried out every two years and it is targeted to those enterprises with 10 or more employees that fall under certain NACE. An enterprise is taken as technical innovative if it had either product or process innovation activity carried out in the reference 3 year period.


Contact Information: 

Ms Christianne Micallef
Head of Unit​
2599 7353